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“The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting”
Vincent van Gogh

In 2015 It is exactly 125 years since the world-famous Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh died. Thus throughout this year, his memory was honored with magnificent live exhibitions in various European cities, as well as in Minsk.

Full of expectations, the students of the group 499a Barsalani Sahar and Sharifzadeh Hediyeh together with their teacher of therapeutic dentistry from the 3rd Department of Therapeutic Dentistry N.I. Rossenik visited the exhibition “Van Gogh – Alive Paintings” in the exhibition area «CEH».

People were amazed by seeing over 100 paintings on the big screens in the exhibition area. The paintings were accompanied with classical music which made the atmosphere more real. These soundtracks reflected the emotional turbulence of Van Gogh’s life. Everybody could touch the soul of paintings with their heart.

All the visitors had the opportunity to reflect the impressions, received at the exhibition, in drawing the painting.

We would like to thank our teacher N.I. Rossenik for letting us to receive the incredible experience. In future we would like to have more opportunities to spend the time with the same profit and the same pleasure.


“Exaggerate the essential, leave the obvious vague…”


Sharifzadeh Hediyeh (group 499a)